I have personally purchased coffee from the roasters on the list below, and I can vouch for their commitment to quality. I won’t recommend a roaster I haven’t tried.

Fresh is best. I repeat, fresh is best. And coffee beans are no exception.You won’t believe the difference freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee makes. It’s just night and day.

This means brewing with beans that are no more than about 3 weeks old after being roasted. Unfortunately, this excludes virtually all packaged beans you’ll find at the supermarket, and anything that is pre-ground.

Freshness is key to most ingredients we use to prepare food, and coffee is no different. Over time, freshly roasted coffee loses Co2, carrying valuable flavour compounds with it. And once ground, coffee makes contact with air. And air contains oxygen, which begins the process of oxidation. This also dramatically affects coffee flavour, the same way many foods go stale once they’re open to the air. Again, fresh is best!


In Canada, we don’t have as many specialty roasters to choose from as our southern U.S. neighbours. But that’s ok, and to be expected.

DSC_7436Nonetheless, there are many quality Canadian roasters who are passionate about their craft.

I’ve even listed a few American roasters, since I’ve been fortunate enough to try a few. Just not as many as I would like.

Enjoy and happy brewing!


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

Phil & Sebastian

Pilot Coffee Roasters

Social Coffee and Tea Co.

Propellor Coffee Co. (Crema Coffee Co. café brand)

Reunion Island Coffee Roasters

Detour Coffee Roasters

Cut Coffee (Sam James Coffee Bar brand)

Clockwork Coffee (Hale Coffee Co.)

Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters

De Mello Palheta

Transcend Coffee


Intelligentsia Coffee

George Howell Coffee

Red Bird Coffee


Canuck Coffee Guy


6 thoughts on “ROASTERS I LIKE

  1. FYI, Sense Appeal at 96 Spadina is now Carbon. The website link still works, but it’s now I’m not sure what that all means, but it appears to have changed hands and not fully implemented the name change.


    1. Thanks! Yes, I’ve been meaning to try them as well. How quickly do they ship their beans after roasting? Also, I have Trebilcock Roasters on my list of roasters to try. Anyone tried Trebilcock?


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