Introducing Canuck Coffee Guy! ☕

© Ryan Vella

What’s not to love about great coffee?

As a former Canadian journalist I once chased news. Now I’m chasing exceptional coffee. Please join me as I pursue that perfect cup.

Coffee delivers the most widely consumed (legal) drug on the planet: caffeine. Imagine the consequences for human productivity if coffee cups suddenly went dry the world over.

But coffee can be much more!

Like craft beer, or a fine wine, great coffee is a sophisticated, nuanced beverage. And the variety!

Although it’s derived from a simple bean(or cherry), coffee flavours can be wonderfully complex and layered. This taste profile is influenced by its origin, and the flavours tell a unique story about a coffee’s provenance. A variety of brew methods will showcase what a bean can offer. And when it’s done well, an elevated sensory experience awaits you, complemented by that caffeine kick.

Today’s high-fliers in specialty coffee are incredibly passionate about their craft. This passion is fueling excellence and innovation in coffee circles around the globe.

Whether it’s farmers, roasters, researchers, cafe owners, equipment manufacturers, retailers, barista champions, or even consumer preferences – the bar is being raised from bean to cup.

Even better, great coffee is now easily accessible. Meaning you don’t need to spend a fortune to taste the difference at home, or at your local café.

So take a trip with me down the rabbit hole. I assure you, an epicurean bounty awaits your taste buds, if you’re willing to look in the right place!

I’ll be:

  • Looking for the best artisanal cafés, roasteries, equipment, and beans.
  • Uncovering headline-worthy coffee encounters.
  • Reporting my favourite, eye-opening coffee experiences.
  • And much more!

p.s. ALL photography is my own, unless otherwise stated.


Canuck Coffee Guy


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